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Metallurgical Engineering Expert

Metallurgy is the Science and Technology of metals.  Metallurgists study the various material compounds and their strengths.  These particular experts possess numerous specialized tools to bring the metal impurities into a clearer focus. 

Some examples of these specialized tools are optical and electron microscopes, material strength and composition testing, and X-rays.

In order to reveal failure origins and causes, even the experienced eye requires accurate and insightful forensic analysis because answers usually are not readily apparent from normal visual examination of the physical evidence.

expert metallurgical engineering
  • Did the pipe break due to rust or corrosion or did someone bend or otherwise damage it?
  • Was the fracture the cause or result of the explosion?
  • Was failure due to overload or years of normal use?
  • Is the material or weld quality to standard?
  • Did electrical arcing occur before the fire or as a secondary effect?

Throughout its long history of metallurgical excellence, Bison has seamlessly integrated metallurgical analysis with corresponding mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering analyses to consistently demonstrate sound, defensible results that can be effectively demonstrated to attorneys, juries, and insurance professionals in cases involving:

  • Pipe Failure Analysis
  • Equipment Failure Expert Analysis
  • Materials Science
  • Large Pipeline Explosions
  • Vehicle Component Fractures
  • Metal Fatigue of Compressor Components
  • Electrical Contact Evaluations
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Cracking of Structural Plastics
  • Fracture Mechanics and Analysis
  • Hardness and Strength Testing
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Corrosion Evaluation and Analysis
  • Stress Evaluations
  • Pipeline Damage
  • SEM Analysis
  • Electron/Optical Microscopy
  • X-ray Examination