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Auto Accident Reconstruction Expert - Forensic Mapping

What is Forensic Mapping?

construction litigation expert witnessForensic mapping is the process by which the physical evidence from an accident site is mapped and measured through the use of electronic surveying equipment. The collection of such evidence is invaluable to an accident reconstructionist.

Bison’s experts specialize in complete, on-site forensic mapping services. The preservation of the scene evidence is of utmost importance. Bison’s experts can immediately assist in measuring and mapping the accident scene to preserve the physical evidence before it starts to deteriorate.

Powerful Visual Demonstrations

Once the mapping and measuring is complete, the data is downloaded into powerful accident reconstruction software. The forensic map can then be used to recreate visually, in 2D or 3D, how the accident was believed to have occurred.

With prompt and proper scene documentation, Bison Engineering accident reconstruction experts can quickly give answers that our clients need to any accident investigation.


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