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Accident Reconstructionist

Auto Accident Investigation

auto accident resoncstruction expertAfter an accident, there are many questions that demand answers. Bison’s accident reconstruction experts can make clear any such questions our clients may have pertaining to liability claims.

Such as:

  • Speeds at Impact
  • Impact location
  • Damage consistency
  • Distance & Time Analysis
  • Crush Damage Determination
  • Black Box Downloads
  • Reaction Distances

Insurance companies and attorneys must have accurate accident investigations and accident reconstructions to determine liability. Even a correct police report containing weather and road conditions or traffic light malfunctions does not include all the variable physical evidence at an accident scene.

A police report may not accurately assess or reflect critical elements of information such as: speed, skid marks, momentum, points of impact, crush damage, gouges, reaction distances, line-of-sight, and driver actions.

There may be other circumstantial factors involved for example: mechanical or electronic system failures that will need to be investigated for analysis of ABS brakes, airbags, alleged brake and steering failures, tire failures, and light bulb analyses to determine if headlights, brake lights, hazard, or turn signal lights were operative.

Accident reconstructionists trained in the proper methodology for data gathering, forensic mapping and measuring, animation, and photography are essential to a thorough accident investigation, analysis, reconstruction, and successful resolution of any liability claim.

Once the initial accident investigation is complete, Bison’s accident reconstruction experts analyze the accident scene data to accurately reconstruct vehicle accidents to determine how they occurred.  Using powerful state-of- the-art accident reconstruction software, Bison’s experts can quickly recreate the accident three-dimensionally to demonstrate how the accident was believed to have occurred, while also providing proper calculations to support such hypotheses. Utilizing the physical data collected from the accident scene, momentum & energy formulas solve the trajectories, speeds, time, distances, etc. of each vehicle involved in the accident to complete the reconstruction.

Auto Accident Reconstructionist

The Commitment to Details

construction litigation expert witnessBison’s experts are available to rapidly respond to an auto accident in order to quickly and accurately preserve critical scene evidence.  Accident scene data collection is critical to a comprehensive and proper accident investigation and reconstruction. 

Bison Engineering utilizes the current technology including total stations, digital photography, Crash Data Retrieval (CDR), etc that will allow auto accident reconstructionists to obtain vital data from the accident scene such as measuring the skid marks, gouges in the road or shoulder, roadway conditions, crush damage, vehicle information, driver and occupant locations.

Accident reconstructionists that are trained with the proper methodology for accident scene measurements, forensic mapping, data collection, and photography are critical to a thorough investigation, analysis, reconstruction and successful resolution to any liability claim.

Bison’s Accident Investigation expertise includes:construction litigation expert witness
  • Collision Data Retrieval System (CDR)
  • Accident Diagrams
  • 3-D Reconstruction Animation (Analysis of photographs, video, police reports, etc)
  • Vehicle Fire Investigation
  • Crush Damage
  • Forensic Mapping
  • Expert Testimony / Expert Witness
  • Mechanical and Electrical System Failures Analysis (Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Engine, Tire)
  • Speed, Time & Distance Calculations
  • Accident Diagrams
  • Momentum & Conservation of Energy Calculations
  • Damage Consistency Analysis
  • Light bulb On / Off Analysis
  • Vehicle Dynamics
Bison’s experts capability to swiftly showcase to a jury, how the events in an accident transpired, can make all the difference as an expert witness in the courtroom.

Human Error . . . or Something More?

construction litigation expert witnessIt is not always human error that leads to an accident. There are times when an accident investigation leads the accident investigator to ask, did an equipment failure occur, and if so, did this alleged failure lead to the accident.

Uncompromising Failure Analysis and Testing

Bison’s engineers’ educational diversity, training and in-depth expertise, combined with years of experience investigating automotive and mechanical failures , makes Bison Engineering your most reliable resource for equipment component failures, mechanical failure analysis, and vehicle mechanical systems investigations.

Bison’s areas of expertise include:

  • Brake System Examinations
  • Unintended Airbag Deployment
  • Collision Data Retrieval System (CDR)
  • Tire Failure Analysis
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Seat Belts
  • Engine & Transmission Failure
  • Electronic Component Analysis


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