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Bison Engineering, Inc. – Premier Experts in Failure Analysis Investigations, Forensic Engineering, and Fire Investigation

failure analysis expertBison Engineering specializes in providing forensic engineering and failure analysis services to the gas, electrical, petrochemical, legal, and insurance industries, as well as to the private sector. Bison’s professional forensic engineers and forensic investigators, Certified Fire Investigators, and consultants are committed to delivering the highest quality of technically accurate, and scientifically supported forensic engineering analyses possible to our clients.

The company’s state-of-the-art monitoring and testing equipment, with computer graphics and 3-D animations offer multiple resources and a wealth of capabilities to its clients.

Time after time, in thousands of forensic investigations, Bison’s experts', specialized experience, high standards and integrity along with the ability to demonstrate scientific findings have provided clients with the tools and information necessary for successful resolution of complex issues.

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High Standards and Reliable Data Mean Expert Testimony in Failure Analysis Litigation

forensic engineering expertForensic engineering investigations, for incidents such as natural gas or LP gas explosions, electrical fires, electrical failures, and electrocutions, carbon monoxide (CO) investigations, fire investigations, mechanical failure investigations, and accident reconstructions can make the difference between success and failure in the courtroom. Accurate scientific failure analysis in fuel gas fires in plants, pipelines, and residential areas combined with graphics and visual aids to demonstrate investigative results – allow integrity-driven expert witnesses to deliver undisputed testimony. 

All clients depend on the expert witness of Bison's mechanical, electrical, civil, and metallurgical engineers and Certified Fire Investigators, secure in the knowledge the expert testimony presented is soundly based on professional forensic engineering capabilities and specialized testing of new incidents. These findings are further substantiated by research data of natural gas and propane explosions and gas fires accumulated over many years of forensic investigations. The company, which responds to incident needs 24 hours a day, has investigated over 1,000 fuel gas incidents, including fires, explosions, and toxic releases. The company's expert forensic engineering team are some of the best investigators in Houston.

State-of-the-Art Failure Analysis Investigations

forensic expertIncident investigations by a forensic engineer may involve collecting relevant data by means of onsite investigation and testing plus offsite reconstruction and state-of-the-art laboratory testing, as often required, for fuel gas incidents, electrical failures, various fires and explosions, and vehicle accidents. As described under Specialized Testing, the company has developed several testing/monitoring systems to perfect reliability. For example, investigations of carbon monoxide poisoning and accidents are facilitated by the proprietary portable CO-DAQ (Carbon Monoxide Data Acquisition) system Bison developed to provide real-time, multi-location acquisition, sampling, and comparison of Carbon Monoxide concentrations. An accurate history response is obtained through the use of sensors strategically placed to record variables in temperature (flue and ambient inside and out) and wind velocity to provide combustion gas production trends.

In all incidents, accidents, and testing, the collected data is thoroughly analyzed by discipline-specific forensic engineers, then assessed from a rigorous multidisciplinary perspective, and even the most complex scientific issues are presented to clients in a clear, easy-to-comprehend format.

failure analysis expert witnessThe Courtroom Difference in Failure Analysis

If and when it becomes necessary to present the facts in court, Bison clients are assured that the company’s cutting-edge computer graphics, 3-D animations, and multimedia presentations accompanying the engineers’ expert testimony will demonstrate the complicated scientific issues involved so vividly and clearly that any jury can understand the facts with ease.

In short, Bison’s clients argue their cases with confidence, secure in the knowledge that the claims its engineers make are based on unbiased scientific data.


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